Services :

A Comprehensive Range Armed & Unarmed Personnel

We have disciplined and professionally trained personnel from all Over the country. They are deployed at many locations including Corporate Houses, MNCs, Government / Semi government establishment, large Industries, Banks, Hotels, Textiles Mills, Beverage Corporation, Tourism Development Corporation and Transport Companies. They also provide guarding service to industries, establishments & residential complexes.

Personal Body Guards & VIP Protection

We provide body guards/VIP protection of the highest international standards using the skills and experience of local &overseas operators. Our operatives are veterans from Special Forces or those recruited for their unique skills and ability to conduct themselves in a distinguished manner, after clearing several vigorous vetting and selection processes.

Escort Services

We provide industries and corporate with armed/unarmed escort and services for cargos. Such services are mostly availed by diamond merchants, airlines, etc. to escort individuals or cargos between destinations.

Event Security Management

Specific events require special security arrangements. We provide tailored security solutions combining electronic gadgetry and security personnel, using computerized systems for coordination and control. From co-coordinating local law enforcement and medical services to planning for extreme scenarios, our diverse expertise and unsurpassed event management capabilities, approach primary and secondary issues such that every contingency is identified and addressed through meticulously drafted .